Hybrid Turbos for Motorsport

If you’re a speed enthusiast like us, you’ve come to the right place. We specialize in creating custom turbochargers designed to meet your specific requirements. Let’s delve deeper into the four stages of upgrades we offer:

MACHGRADE Stage I Upgrade

The first stage of our upgrade process primarily focuses on the cold side of the turbocharger. This is the side responsible for generating boost pressure. Here’s what we do:

  • We install ‘360’ journal bearings, which are known for their durability and ability to handle high loads.
  • We perform metalworking on various parts including the bearing housing, seal plate, and compressor housing to ensure they are perfectly suited for your turbocharger.
  • We install an enlarged cast/billet compressor wheel. The larger diameters of the housing and compressor wheel allow for a higher rate of mass airflow at the same boost level, which means more power for your engine.

MACHGRADE Stage II Upgrade

The second stage includes all the upgrades from Stage I, with an additional enhancement:

  • We install an enlarged cast turbine wheel. This modification addresses issues with the exhaust gas flow at higher RPMs. A larger turbine wheel reduces engine choke, which can cause a reduction in torque and power. This allows your engine to breathe more freely and operate more efficiently.


The third stage pushes the wheel diameters to the absolute limit of the turbo housings. This is the most extreme version of our upgrades, and it’s designed for those who are willing to sacrifice a bit of spool time for maximum power.

Optional Upgrades for Every Stage

We also offer optional upgrades that can be added to any stage:

  • Clipping with Lightening of Turbine Wheel: This is a machining process that reduces backpressure and increases power output. We remove some blade material from the turbine wheel, which slightly reduces the turbocharger’s response time.
  • Reinforced Actuator: This upgrade allows for higher boost pressure. A stronger actuator means the turbocharger will achieve a higher boost before the wastegate opens, usually resulting in more power.

Machgrade x Racing Driver: A Collaboration Pushing Limits

At Machgrade, we’re passionate about our craft, but understanding how our products perform under real racing conditions is invaluable. That’s why we sought feedback from a seasoned racing driver who took our hybrid turbo upgrade to the track.

Here’s a snapshot of his experience:

“The difference in performance with the Machgrade upgrade was palpable. Not just in numbers, but in the sheer driving experience and the raw power felt on every curve and straight.”

Stock Measurements:
    Power: 256 kW (344 HP)
    Torque: 436 Nm (322 ft-lbs)

Machgrade's Hybrid Turbo Upgrade Results:
    Power: 335.5 kW (450 HP)
    Torque: 563.9 Nm (415 ft-lbs)

“For anyone in the racing circuit, these aren’t just statistics. They represent a significant leap in performance. The Machgrade team has truly engineered a product that caters to our relentless pursuit for speed and efficiency on the track.”

Our collaboration with professional racers is an integral part of our development process. Their insights and feedback directly influence our designs and refinements, ensuring our products meet the exacting standards of the motorsport world.

General Information

  • We only use new, high-quality parts in our turbochargers.
  • To ensure the best performance from your turbocharger, other parts of your engine may also need to be tuned or upgraded.
  • It typically takes us between 5-10 working days to build a turbocharger.
  • We offer a 12-month guarantee for each unit.
  • We ship our products worldwide, so you can enjoy the benefits of our turbochargers no matter where you are.

We hope this gives you a better understanding of our process and the quality of our work. We look forward to helping you achieve the speed and power you desire.