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Hybrid Turbocharger (upgrade) TD06-25G Subaru Impreza WRX STI, WRX Turbo, WRXR8

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Our custom TD06-25G hybrid turbocharger is the ultimate choice for all EJ20 and EJ25 engines from Subaru Impreza WRX STI, WRX Turbo, WRXR8 working with stock IHI VF22, 23, 35, 43, 48 turbocharger.

The turbo is meant to work with ~480HP, boost ~ 28PSI. In order to reach that level of power you need to adjust your fuel, exhaust and cooling systems as well.

Full list of changes applied is as follows:

– Reinforced journal bearings
– Modification of compressor housing
– Modification of turbine housing
– Modification of turbo seal plate
– Bigger 25G KTS Turbo Billet X Wheel
– Bigger TD06 Turbine Wheel clipped and lightened to help reduce backpressure
– Dynamically Balanced
– 100% Plug&Play installation
– Reinforced actuator
– Gasket Kit is in the set.



Subaru Impreza WRX STI, Subaru Impreza WRX Turbo, Subaru Impreza WRXR8


EJ207 DOHC H-POWER 265HP, 1994ccm
EJ20G/E 280HP, 2500ccm
EJ257 GRB, 300HP, 2457 ccm
EJ20, 220HP, 2000ccm


Factory numbers

  1. VF22
  2. VF23
  3. VF35
  4. VF43
  5. VF48
  6. VC440022
  7. VH440022
  8. VG440022
  9. VF440022
  10. VE440022
  11. VD440022
  12. VB440022
  13. VD440047
  14. VA660033
  15. VB660033
  16. VA660042
  17. VC660051
  18. VA660035
  19. VB660035
  20. VA660043


OEM numbers

  1. 14411AA440
  2. 14411AA442
  3. 14411AA441
  4. 14411-AA440
  5. 14411-AA441
  6. 14411-AA442
  7. 14411-AA700
  8. 14411AA700
  9. 14411-AA620
  10. 14411AA620
  11. 14411AA142
  12. 14411AA143
  13. 14412AA132
  14. 14412AA171
  15. 14411AA172



The time needed to do this hybrid, is ~ 10-14 working days.

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