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M139 Hybrid Turbo (upgrade) W177 A45 CLA45 GLA45

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MACHGRADE Hybrid Turbocharger. The production of the MACHGRADE 550 option starts with a stock genuine KKK turbocharger, and the main upgrade consists of a bigger, custom CNC billet compressor wheel with 6+6 blades.  The unit keeps the original turbine wheel (exhaust, hot side) and OEM bearing solution, which comes with the advantage of an insignificant increase of lag. The turbo is optimized to deliver 550HP, and it’s fully Plug&Play. The more extreme version for 600HP has upgraded hot side, which allows for a better flow of exhaust gases, but it’s not fully P&P as oil and cooling lines have to be custom. Both versions fit Mercedes models equipped with M139 engines like A45S, CLA45S and GLA45S.

Specification of the turbocharger


  • Modified compressor housing
  • Modified seal plate
  • bigger custom Billet Compressor Wheel 6+6

Further highlights of the unit:

  • Genuine KKK
    • bearing system
    • turbine wheel
    • electronic actuator
  • Plug  and Play fitment
  • Each component is dynamically balanced, and the core as a whole


This is the most extreme version available, which has modified both the cold and hot sides.
It’s not fully plug & play as slight adjustment of oil and cooling lines is required.

  • Modified compressor housing
  • Modified turbine housing
  • Modified seal plate
  • bigger custom Billet Compressor Wheel 6+6
  • bigger custom turbine wheel

Further highlights of the unit:

  • Genuine KKK electronic actuator
  • Each component is dynamically balanced, and the core as a whole

Process of building of the turbo

Getting expected power

To achieve power output the turbo is optimized for you must ensure all the supporting mods are in place. That means you have to take care of other systems, like:

  • fuel
  • exhaust
  • cooling

ECU remap is necessary to take advantage of hardware upgrades. The example setups with MACHGRADE M139 550 are presented below for your convenience.

Machgrade and Racing Legends: A Collaborative Force

At Machgrade, we believe that innovation thrives through collaboration, and who better to collaborate with than those who push vehicles to their limits every single day? Our partnership with professional racing driver, Calan Williams, underscores this ethos. Drawing upon his vast experience and expertise on the track, we’ve developed turbochargers that aren’t just about raw power but also about finesse, control, and the intangible thrill of racing.

Will the turbo be P&P for my car?

The list below presents information helpful for checking if this upgraded turbocharger will be the right fit.



Factory numbers


OEM number


Mercedes models

Mercedes A45 W177 386HP
Mercedes CLA45 C118 386HP
Mercedes GLA45 H247 386HP
Mercedes A45S W177 421HP
Mercedes CLA45S C118 421HP
Mercedes GLA45S H247 421HP

Important before you order

  • The average lead time (the time we need to build and ship a hybrid turbocharger) is ten working days.
  • To ensure the right fitment of your turbo, we require the following details of your car:
    • model and year of build,
    • stock power,
    • VIN number
  • There is one year of warranty for this product. No mileage limit.
    • We build our turbos with a focus on durability and motorsport. The aspect of reliability is paramount to us.
  • We ship worldwide.
  • Do you need a turbo with a different specification? No problem! Learn more about hybrid turbos we can build
    and contact us!
Additional information
Power range

550HP, 600HP

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