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VNT18/20 Turbo Upgrade Billet Wheel BIG SHELL GT1860V 1.9TDI 2.0TDI KKK Garrett

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The Upgraded Turbocharger Billet Wheel GT1860V VNT18/20 based on GT17 turbine housing + GT20 compressor housing  is the ultimate solution for the 1.9 & 2.0 TDI Engines.

MACHGRADE GT1860V Billet Wheel VNT18/20 hybrid turbo fits to:

  1. transverse engines as follows:BKD, AZV, BKP, ECE, PDE, BSY, ALH, ASV, ASZ, ARL, BLT, BPX, AHF, ARL, ATD, AVK, AUY, AJM, BJB, BKC, BXE, BXF, BRU, etc.

  2. longtidunal engines as follows:

    AFV, AWX, BPW, BGW, BLB, etc.

Full list of changes applied is as follows:

The full list of changes applied is as follows:

– journal bearings – so-called ‘360’
– Plug&Play upgraded genuine Garrett GT17 turbine housing
– BIG SHELL GT20 genuine Garrett upgraded compressor housing
bigger GT18 turbine wheel
bigger VNT18 system
– bigger Billet Wheel 60mm
– precise VNT adjustment
– dynamically Balanced.

What’s so special about this one?

1. Only oil cooling (there is not water cooling).
2. Quick spool by applying lighter/enlarged Billet Wheel.
3. Efficient generation of Variable Nozzle Turbine.
4. Precise VNT adjustment.

The one thing needed to install our GT1860V Billet Wheel VNT18/20 is as follows:

– modification of pipes going to the compressor housing

The turbo is meant to work with ~260HP, boost 32PSI/2,2 Bar. In order to reach that level of power, you need to adjust your exhaust and cooling systems as well. Professional ECU remapping is required!


Before order tell us which engine and manifold the turbocharger will be fitted with. We need about 7 working days to build this hybrid, after payment.

On the picture you can see the example of VNT17/20 hybrid based on stock 1.9TDI GT1646 BKC turbo.

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