2.2 CDI OM651 Bi-Turbo Billet Upgrade Mercedes C-Class, E-Class, S-Class, GLK, Sprinter, VIano, Vito

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MACHGRADE Hybrid Turbocharger built using custom CNC billet compressor wheel 6+6 blades. It’s based on the stock genuine BorgWarner turbocharger which makes it the ultimate Plug&Play solution for Mercedes Benz C-Class, E-Class, S-Class, GLK-Class, Sprinter, Viano, and Vito 116/216/316/416/516/220/250CDI W204/W212/X204/W221/W639 with an OM651 Bi-Turbo engine.

There are two versions available for the OM651 Bi-Turbo Hybrid Turbocharger with a peak power range of 280-330 Crankshaft Horse Power, as follows:

MACHGRADE OM651 Bi-Turbo 280

Hybrid Turbocharger ready to make ~280 Crankshaft Horse Power. Full list of changes applied:

Bigger Turbo:

  • MACHGRADE custom journal bearings “360”,
  • Modification of compressor housing,
  • Modification of the seal plate,
  • Enlarged/Custom compressor Billet Wheel 6+6 blades,
  • Genuine Turbine Wheel clipped to reduce the backpressure.

Further common features:

  • Genuine BorgWarner compressor housing,
  • Genuine BorgWarner exhaust manifold,
  • Genuine BorgWarner bearing housing,
  • Genuine BorgWarner actuator,
  • 100% Plug&Play fitment,
  • Dynamically Balanced.

Smaller Turbo:

  • The dimensions of the turbo stay stock,
  • Turbo is fully refurbished.

MACHGRADE OM651 Bi-Turbo 330

Hybrid Turbocharger ready to make ~330 Crankshaft Horse Power. The full list of changes applied is the same as with the 280 package with the exception of the Billet Compressor Wheel, which is additionally enlarged, and the Turbine Wheel exchanged for an enlarged 9 blades one.

Performance Capabilities

To reach declared levels of power, you need to adjust your fuel, exhaust, and cooling systems as well. Professional ECU remapping is required.


Mercedes C-Class 2.2 220/250CDI W204 170/204HP
Mercedes CLS 2.2 250CDI W218 204HP
Mercedes E-Class 2.2 220/250CDI W212 170/204HP
Mercedes S-Class 2.2 250CDI W221 204HP
Mercedes GLK-Class 2.2 220CDI X204 170HP
Mercedes Sprinter II 2.2 216/316/416/516CDI 163HP
Mercedes Viano 2.2 CDI 163HP
Mercedes Vito 2.2 116CDI W639 163HP


OM651 DE 22 LA

Factory numbers

1000 988 0019
1000 970 0019
1000 970 0007
1000 988 0076
1000 970 0076
1000 988 0071
1000 970 0071
1000 970 0081
1000 988 0074
1000 970 0074
1000 988 0036
1000 970 0036

OEM number


Before you order

  • The average lead time (the time we need to build and ship a hybrid turbocharger) is 10 working days.
  • In order to manufacture your turbo we require the following details of your car:
    • model and year of build,
    • stock power,
    • VIN number
  • Do you need a turbo with different specification? No problem! Learn more about hybrid turbo we can build
    and contact us!
Additional information

280HP, 330HP

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