GTB2260VK vacuum converted hybrid turbo (upgraded) with 1.9 TDI or 2.0 TDI manifold

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MACHGRADEs GTB2260VK hybrid turbo is produced based on the original Garrett unit. It’s designed to work with 35 PSI of pressure and deliver about 310BHP, provided you have required supporting mods. It sits higher in terms of power output in comparison to GTB2056VK and spools around 2750 RPM. MACHGRADEs GTB2260VK features a 3rd generation VNT System with the best manifold pressure and spool capabilities. The turbo comes with welded manifold making the installation process easier.


1. There are 3 different types of base units available:

  • 3.0 TDI CAPA – quickest spool, restrictive top end,
  • 3.0D M57N2 – balanced spool and flow,
  • 3.0D  N57D30 – the latest spool from all with the highest flow.

2. The core is built, balanced and tested to make sure required standards are met.

3. Manifold is selected based on the details provided by you. We can make this setup in a way that fits almost all transverse and longitudinal engines.

4. Vacuum conversion is applied if required.

5. VGT flow bench is used for calibrating a variable geometry (variable nozzle turbine / VNT)


MACHGRADEs GTB2260VK comes with vacuum conversion and manifold welded, so it fits your car. You are required to prepare a custom downpipe, inlet pipe and return oil line (included in the kit). The diameters of the turbo are as follows:

  • Inlet 2.25″/55mm
  • Outlet: 2″/50m

The oil return line is shipped with the turbo. So there is no need to change the oil feed line for a custom one.


This turbo requires adequate supporting mods in order to reach its peak efficiency. Example 1.9 TDI setup could look like this:

  • Upgraded fuel system: Firad 80% nozzles
  • Upgraded intercooler (a front one)
  • 3″ Downpipe
  • 4 Bar MAP sensor
  • Reinforced clutch

In case you would encounter any questions, please do let us know.


12 months without mileage limits

Additional information
Compressor Wheel

Cast, Billet 11+0 Blades

VNT Actuator

Standard, Electronic

Base Turbo

3.0TDI V6, 530D e60 M57N2, 530D F10 N57D30

DP Flange

3 Bolt/Stock V-Band, V-Band 2,75", V-Band 3,00"

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