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M270 IHI AL 0069 Upgraded (hybrid) Turbocharger Mercedes W176, W205

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MACHGRADE Upgraded Turbocharger allows in its top version for better flow of exhaust gases and higher boost pressure generation. This is achieved by installing a custom-made CNC compressor wheel (cold side of the turbo) and an enlarged High-Flow 9 Blade turbine wheel (hot side). Each MACHGRADE hybrid is based on the original IHI AL 0069 turbocharger, which makes it a plug & play, bolt-on upgrade for cars equipped with 1.6T M270 DE 16 AL or 2.0T M270 DE 20 AL engine with stock power ranging from 156 to 211HP. There are two unit versions with a peak power range of 290 and 330HP at the crank if mounted alongside a 2.0T engine. If the turbo is installed on 1.6T, the expected power output would be 260 and 300HP, respectively.

Specification of the turbocharger


  • Journal bearings – so-called ‘360’
  • Modified compressor housing
  • Modified seal plate
  • Enlarged/custom compressor Billet Wheel 6+6 blades
  • Custom turbine wheel clipped and lightened to help reduce backpressure

Further highlights of the unit:

  • Genuine IHI
    • DV
    • actuator
    • bearing housing
    • exhaust manifold
    • compressor housing
  • 100% Plug&Play fitment (complete bolt-on turbo ready to be installed)
  • Dynamically Balanced.


The top version of the Hybrid is prepared to work with 300HP+ . The setup is the same as with the 250 package except for the even bigger Billet Compressor Wheel and the enlarged High-Flow 9 Blades turbine wheel, which is also enlarged and additionally lightened.

Engine Tuning and Optimization

Engine tuning is a crucial aspect of maximizing the performance of your vehicle, especially when installing an upgraded turbocharger like the MACHGRADE. It involves various modifications to improve the engine’s power output and efficiency.

The Mercedes M270, which our turbocharger is designed for, is an excellent engine for tuning. With the right modifications, such as ECU maps, turbo improvements, and camshafts, you can significantly enhance your driving pleasure.

Camshaft Upgrades

One of the most effective modifications for the M270 is a camshaft upgrade. Altering the camshaft profile changes the intake and exhaust durations on the engine, which can dramatically alter the torque and power output. Fast road cams are recommended for daily use as they improve performance throughout the rev range.

ECU Flashing

ECU flashing is another critical aspect of tuning. It unlocks the full potential of all the tuning parts you’ve done to your M270. It can usually give around 30% more power on turbocharged vehicles and around 15% on NASP engines.

Turbo Upgrades

The more air you can get into an engine, the more fuel it can burn. Uprating the induction with a turbocharger upgrade, like our MACHGRADE, makes significant power gains. However, it’s essential to upgrade the fuel injectors and ensure the air flow sensor can handle the increased air intake.

Exhaust Upgrades

A performance exhaust can also contribute to power gains. The best exhausts for power gains are usually between 1.5 to 2.5 inches, and it’s the shape and material more than the bore size that matters.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is vital, especially when the engine has been modified and is putting down more power than the manufacturer intended. Regular oil changes are particularly crucial.

Will the turbo be P&P for my car?

The list below presents information helpful for checking if this upgraded turbocharger will be the right fit.


Mercedes A180 W176 122HP
Mercedes A200 W176 156HP
Mercedes A220 W176 184HP
Mercedes A250 W176 211HP
Mercedes B180 W246 122HP
Mercedes B200 W246 156HP
Mercedes C180 W204 156HP
Mercedes C180 W205 156HP
Mercedes C200 W205 184HP
Mercedes C250 W205 211HP
Mercedes CLA180 C117 122HP, 156HP, 184HP, 211HP
Mercedes E180 W212 156HP
Mercedes E200 A207 211HP
Mercedes E200 C207 211HP
Mercedes E200 C207/A207 184HP
Mercedes E200 W212 156HP, 184HP, 211HP
Mercedes GLA200 X156 156HP
Mercedes GLA220 X156 184HP
Mercedes GLA250 X156 211HP
Mercedes GLK200 X204 184HP
Mercedes GLK250 X204 211HP
Mercedes W246 B200 156HP
Mercedes W246 B220 184HP
Mercedes W246 B250 211HP


2.0T M270 DE 20AL
1.6T M270 DE 16 AL
1.6T M274 DE 16 AL

Factory numbers


OEM number


Important before you order

  • The average lead time (the time we need to build and ship a hybrid turbocharger) is ten working days.
  • To ensure the right fitment of your turbo, we require the following details of your car:
    • model and year of build,
    • stock power,
    • VIN number
  • There is one year of warranty for this product. No mileage limit.
    • We build our turbos with a focus on durability and motorsport. The aspect of reliability is paramount to us.
  • We ship worldwide.
  • Do you need a turbo with a different specification? No problem! Learn more about hybrid turbos we can build
    and contact us!
Additional information
Power Range

250, 300+

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