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N57N Hybrid Turbo Upgrade BMW 330D, 430D, X5

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MACHGRADE N57N Hybrid Turbocharger. Power range of +350 to +400 Crankshaft Horse Power.
Experience the ultimate power boost with MACHGRADE’s N57N Hybrid Turbochargers. Designed specifically for BMW N57N engines, these turbochargers are the perfect blend of performance and efficiency. With custom modifications and tuning tips, you can unlock your engine’s full potential and experience a new level of performance.

Specification of the turbocharger


  • MACHGRADE custom journal bearings ‘360’
  • Modification of compressor housing
  • Modification of seal plate
  • Enlarged/custom compressor Billet Wheel 9+0 Blades GEN II
  • Genuine Turbine Wheel clipped&lightened to help reduce the backpressure

Further highlights of the unit:

  • Genuine Garrett compressor housing
  • Genuine Garrett exhaust manifold
  • Genuine Garrett bearing housing
  • Original Hella electronic actuator
  • 100% Plug&Play fitment (the turbo is complete)
  • Dynamically Balanced


  • Same modifications as the 350 model
  • Bigger Billet Compressor GEN I 11+0
  • 9 Blade High-Flow Turbine Wheel

Further highlights of the unit:

  • Same features as the 350 model


  • Specific modifications and features to be determined based on customer requirements

Further highlights of the unit:

  • Specific features to be determined based on customer requirements

The key difference between the versions is the power output and the size of the compressor and turbine wheels. The 400 model has a larger compressor and turbine wheel than the 350 model, allowing it to produce more power.

Getting expected power

To reach the declared level of power, you need to adjust your fuel, exhaust, and cooling systems as well. Professional ECU remapping is required. For example, a BMW 530D F11 with 3.0d N57N engine fitted with our Hybrid Turbocharger managed to produce 384HP and 659Nm of torque. The car was equipped with a MACHGRADE N57N Hybrid Turbocharger, Wagner Intercooler, VVT custom remap, and a stock DPF.

Engine Tuning for Optimal Performance

Engine tuning is a crucial aspect of maximizing the performance of your BMW N57N engine. With the right modifications and tuning, you can significantly enhance the power and efficiency of your engine. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Custom Dyno Tuning: A custom dyno tune that is specific to your vehicle can increase the power output to around 300-320bhp. This process includes road testing, logging, and dyno testing with before and after printouts.
  • Intercoolers: The original equipment intercoolers on BMW’s can be a limiting factor when tuning. Upgrading your intercooler can help reduce intake air temperatures, which can improve performance.
  • Emissions: Removing EGR, Swirl Flap, and DPF can enhance reliability by eliminating potential failure points. However, it’s important to note that these modifications do not generally increase power unless the components are faulty.
  • Downpipes: Removing the DPF can maximize exhaust gas flow, which in turn allows faster spool and lower exhaust gas temperatures. This can prevent the ECU from reducing power due to DPF protection.
  • Turbochargers: If you’re not satisfied with the power from the Stock Turbo, there are hybrid options available. For example, the GTD2872VR fits exactly like stock and can increase power output to around 420bhp. The GTD2873VR can increase power output to around 440bhp.
  • Fuel System: Upgrading the Metering Valve can help the stock pump maintain rail pressure at higher RPMs. For further enhancements, consider a Fuel Pump Upgrade and a Rail Pressure sensor upgrade. With these upgrades, you can expect to see around 375-385bhp & 550ft/lbs.
  • Air Flow: To maximize the upgrades, the final step is installing Race Cams. These can provide enough extra torque to break the 1000NM barrier, resulting in final figures of around 454.7bhp & 750ft/lbs (1016nm).

Remember, these modifications should be carried out by professionals to ensure the safety and longevity of your engine. With the right tuning and modifications, your MACHGRADE N57N Hybrid Turbocharger can help you unlock the full potential of your BMW N57N engine.

Please note that the legality of certain modifications (like removing emission control devices) may vary depending on your location. Always ensure that your modifications comply with local laws and regulations.

Will the turbo be P&P for my car?

The list below presents information helpful for checking if this upgraded turbocharger will be the right fit.

Factory numbers


OEM number




Car models

BMW 330 d (F30 / F31 / F34) 258HP
BMW 430 d (F32 / F33 / F36) 258HP
BMW 530 d (F07 / F10 / F11) 258HP
BMW 730 d (F01 / F02) 258HP
BMW X3 30 dx (F25) 258HP
BMW X4 30 dx (F26) 258HP
BMW X5 25 dx (F15) 258HP
BMW X5 30 dx (F15) 258HP

Important before you order

  • The average lead time (the time we need to build and ship a hybrid turbocharger) is ten working days.
  • To ensure the right fitment of your turbo, we require the following details of your car:
    • model and year of build
    • stock power
    • VIN number
  • There is one year of warranty for this product. No mileage limit.
    • We build our turbos with a focus on durability and motorsport. The aspect of reliability is paramount to us.
  • We ship worldwide.
  • Do you need a turbo with a different specification? No problem! Learn more about hybrid turbos we can build
    and contact us!
Additional information
Power range

350, 400, 490

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